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Soft Skills Training and Coaching

With 13 courses currently available in the soft skills category Vital aims to encompass all the additional training needs clients might have for their people. Whilst all courses can be run as standard, the preference is always to ensure accurate tailoring to each client’s individual requirements. Full and detailed agendas are available for all the courses listed below.


Vital Assertiveness Skills   1 day                                 
Vitally Managing Time     1 day
Vital Self and Stress Management 1 day
Vital's Confident New You            1 day
A Vital Intro to NLP    1 day
Vital's Intermediate NLP         1 day
Vital's Advanced NLP   1 day
NLP and Vital Communication   1 day
Vitally Training the Trainer  2 days
Vitally Coaching the Coach    2 days
Vital Presentation Skills      1-2 days
Vital Networking Skills 1 day
Vitally Writing Business Reports  1 day


Additionally, one-on-one coaching is also available in the soft skills category giving you bespoke tailoring for the individual needs of your people.
Testimonials are available on the Results/References pages however here are some that are just in:
“Everyone agrees it was an excellent day with thought-provoking stuff… particularly in the afternoon… Quite amusing – as we were closed Monday the warehouse guys had two days to do in one … But they did it!!!!  They just kept saying out loud ‘I am calm, I am confident, I can do it’!!!! And ...’Oh that`s a lighthouse’!! Thanks Ali.”
(Clive Groombridge, Managing Director – Pioneer Veterinary Products.)
"Just a quick note from me to say a HUGE thank you for this week. I’ve seen a really positive change in the teams this week, with some individuals surprising me (pleasantly) more than others.  And dare I say it, I think some of our customers will have noticed the changes in our teams.  I’m delighted this is not just a one-off event, so that we can continue its momentum until it becomes a positive habit for all of our staff."
(Darren Manton, General Manager - B.E.D. Electrical.)
“I found it really good. Ali put it in a way that there are some things you cannot move or do anything about (an immoveable object) so you have to work around them.... that there is always a thought before an emotion we just don't think there is as the emotions have taken over... take a breath and think it through... Really, really enjoyed it."
(Delegate, Warners Midlands PLC.)
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