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Results - sales training

Trainees - Motor Cycle News ad team (Emap Automotive)


"Ali's courses show a clear understanding of the issues affecting our people and she has been able to inspire an experienced and sometimes cynical sales force into producing great results. A recent 1 day bespoke workshop has been a key factor in contributing to the winning of an additional £50,000 ad revenue."

Ad Director - Gareth Ashman


Trainee - Nick Hewitt (Warners Midlands)


“The programme Ali devised for Nick was split into 6 modules and included spending time analysing areas of strength and those for development with constructive feedback.  This was then put into practice and time was spent out in the field with a dedicated one-to-one approach providing full support and feedback. Since the training he has gone from strength to strength not only in his confidence and skills but has met the all-important goals and smashed his target for the last two quarters.  The results speak for themselves – his revenue performance has increased by 72%. Thank you Ali!!”

Customer Services Manager - Michelle Harris


Trainees - Schools Sales Team (E4Education)


The training has had the perfect impact on the team! In fact, one of Lizzy’s ‘cold’ interactions with a trust has resulted in us securing a large deal to work with all 15 schools! Thank you very much for working with me to put that together. 

Sales Manager - Tom Newton


Trainees - Customer Service Team (Primary Site)


"This year has resulted in our most successful year ever, with records being broken in the most orders in one single day, single week and now in a whole year. The conversion rate has increased over the last six months and the length it takes to convert new customers has decreased which is fantastic. The girls have really benefited from the training and have all commented on the extra confidence it has given them, which I have seen in abundance."

Marketing & Business Development Manager - Dave Allen


Trainees - Media Sales Teams (Bauer Media)

"Businesses make the mistake of not investing in key areas such as training when times are tough. They question value, instead of looking at the return they will get. If you want to improve your salespeople to generate revenue growth in any economic climate, then take the time to read Ali's profile and call her afterwards. Ali got me the results I wanted - improved sales, improved conversion, better salespeople and improved focus as well as improved market share. The other benefit was of course getting the suits off my back for another quarter."

Mark Perkins - Co-Owner at Bloodhound Media Ltd.


Trainees - Giftware sales team (Detailextra Ltd.)


"We have a very small sales team within our company, consisting of myself and 2 members of sales staff. Both were at very different levels in regards to their sales experience and skills. Ali handled this fantastically....As soon as the sales training was completed I noticed a marked improvement straight away. Questioning and providing marketing solutions for the customer is now addressed on every call rather than just selling a blank piece of space. Our revenue over the last 3 weeks has increased by a 1/3, and this is also noticed in the girls enthusiastic and positive outlook on the role. I would like to thank Ali for all her help and in making our business more profitable."

Sales Manager - Jemma Griffiths


Trainees - Vet Times (Veterinary Business Development)


“Since the sales staff at VBD have embarked on a long-term training plan with Ali the results have been amazing. The enthusiasm and energy they bring back from their sessions is remarkable. Sales have increased 25% as a result of what they have learnt, with a massive improvement in how they have put their new skills into practice... Series rates have also increased to a record high of 84%; an increase of 27% on our previous figures."

Sales Manager - Joanna Harley

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