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Management Training and Coaching

With 13 courses currently available, Vital aims to meet the many key needs involved in the challenges faced by people managers. Whilst all courses can be run as standard, the preference is always to ensure accurate tailoring to each client’s individual requirements. Full and detailed agendas are available for all the courses listed below.


Vital Role of the Coach 1-2 days
Vital Role of the New Manager 2 days
Vital Role of the Sales Manager 2 days
Vital Role of the People Manager 2 days
Vitally Training the Trainer 2 days
Vital Appraisal Skills 2 days
Vital’s Intro to Change Management 1 day
Vital Project Management 1 day
Vital Recruitment and Selection 1-2 days
From Manager to Vital Leader 1 day
Vitally Managing Difficult People 1 day
Building a Vital Team 1 day
Vital's Motivational Manager 1 day


Additionally, one-on-one management coaching incorporating NLP techniques is available to provide fast-track and accurate help for your most valuable people managers.

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